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Oberman's Endorsement


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To the editors:

Doug Cassel's biography of Tim Evans [March 17] was insightful and helpful to those readers attempting to make a decision between the candidates in the April 4 election. I noticed only one error, and that is, I did not support Rich Daley in this year's Democratic primary. In fact, I proudly supported Larry Bloom.

Martin Oberman

N. LaSalle

Doug Cassel replies:

As one who also picked Bloom in the primary, I am chagrined not to have known of Oberman's astute selection. I got a misimpression from a February 5 Sun-Times headline, "Daley Draws Jewish Backing," under which appeared photos of three prominent Jews--Oberman, Bill Singer, and Philip Klutznick. In fact, the text of the article correctly identified Oberman as having endorsed Bloom. My apologies to Oberman, Bloom, and our readers.

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