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When: Wed., Sept. 23, 6 p.m. 2009

Sometimes I realize I’m not going to come up with a way to describe a band that can top what they say about themselves. Florida death-metal legends Obituary immodestly include the following on their Web site: “Such aural abrasion can only be heard on an Obituary album or the live circumcision of a thirty-year-old man, the choice is yours.” Uh-huh. Formed in the mid-80s, Obituary deserve a lot of credit for pioneering a distinctive sound—a chugging, oppressive, bass-driven grind, with what passes for human consciousness communicated via John Tardy’s abraded holler and guttural gastrointestinal growls. Having helped create that sound, they’ve stuck to it, even through a hiatus of several years; their new album, Darkest Day (Candlelight), is the band’s best since reuniting in 2003, and sounds like it could’ve been recorded in their early-90s heyday. I suppose the passage of time has little effect on the undead. Goatwhore, Krisiun, Berzerker, and Warbringer open. —Monica Kendrick

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