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This biracial entry in the psycho-bitch stalker sweepstakes is inept and stupid but not without its base pleasures. Idris Elba (The Wire) is a financier whose failure to set boundaries with a psychotic blond temp (Ali Larter) threatens his career and “perfect marriage” to Beyonce Knowles. While scenes between Elba and Larter have a certain crass crackle, he and Knowles share all the chemistry of frozen fish sticks. The dreadful script delivers unintentional laughs while gutlessly dodging the race angle, and the odious minor characters—Elba's horndog coworker (Jerry O'Connell) and treacherous gay secretary (Matthew Humphreys)—do more to lower the tone than the ballyhooed cat-fight climax. Director Steve Shill is a TV journeyman and works to rule. 105 min.

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