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O.C.Y.C.'s Midnight Is the Day I Go Crazy


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O.C.Y.C.'s Midnight Is the Day I Go Crazy, O.C.Y.C. Productions, at Heartland Studio Theater. O.C.Y.C. isn't really funny in the traditional sense, though the troupe's most recent sketch revue, Midnight Is the Day I Go Crazy, has its laugh-out-loud moments. But troupe member Amy Gard parading around the stage in a bear suit throwing confetti and issuing death threats in a little girl's voice isn't one of them. The form that comedy takes here is one big, non-traditional in-joke--O.C.Y.C. couldn't care less whether the audience gets it or not.

They're more concerned with how much energy they bring to the stage and with provoking a response, not necessarily laughter. Practitioners of a confrontational style, they favor the over-the-top theatrics and stunts of the Upright Citizens Brigade. But O.C.Y.C. aren't just artful rip-off artists or heirs apparent; with their seamless integration of audio and video clips, they're on the road to something daring of their own.

What the troupe needs is a small dose of humility, a lack especially apparent in the opening sequence when the performers pump themselves as "the Velvet Underground of sketch," among other things. Still, when everything comes together--as it does in the show's bizarre final scene--O.C.Y.C. proves itself deserving of its own hype. --Nick Green

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