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Odd Man Out

A wounded Irish revolutionary (James Mason at his near best) on the run in Belfast encounters a cross section of human responses—self-interest, indifference, empathy, and charity—in this arty 1946 English thriller directed by Carol Reed and adapted by F.L. Green and R.C. Sherriff from Green's novel. This may be Reed's most pretentious film, but it also happens to be one of his very best, beautifully capturing the poetry of a city at night (with black-and-white cinematography by Robert Krasker that's within hailing distance of Gregg Toland and Stanley Cortez's work with Orson Welles). It also has a splendid cast (including Robert Newton, Kathleen Ryan, F.J. McCormick, Cyril Cusack, and Dan O'Herlihy) that wrings the utmost out of the quasi-allegorical material.



  • Carol Reed


  • James Mason
  • Robert Newton
  • Kathleen Ryan
  • Robert Beatty
  • William Hartnell
  • F.J. McCormick
  • Fay Compton
  • Beryl Measor
  • Cyril Cusack
  • Dan O'Herlihy
  • Roy Irving
  • Maureen Delany
  • Kitty Kirwan
  • Min Milligan
  • Joseph Tomelty
  • W.G. Fay
  • Arthur Hambling
  • Denis O'Dea
  • Elwyn Brook-Jones
  • Anne Clery
  • Maura Milligan
  • Eddie Byrne
  • Maureen Cusack
  • Pat McGrath
  • Dora Bryan
  • Guy Rolfe
  • Geoffrey Keen


  • Carol Reed

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