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Ode to a Hospital


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To the editors:

Chorus ["Emergency," March 16]:

Let me die at the County

and not on the street

Let me die at the County

Please take me off my feet

Let me die at the County

I can't pay my way

Let me die at the County

When I'm old and gray.


Ma died at the County

Daddy did too

My eldest died a gunshot there

His wife she did too.

So take me to the County

If I'm passing on

Cause dying at the County

I won't be alone.


All the hospitals are on Bypass

the ambulance won't stop.

Don't matter if you're a billionaire

Don't matter if you're a cop.

The building's kind of old

And packed to the brim

I may die at the County

But they'll always take me in.


Young people are dying

It's taking them awhile

Trying to go with dignity

And a little style.

The benefits have run out

Life isn't free

Yesterday's social butterfly

Has no vanity.


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