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Offended and Outraged


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To the editors:

I am offended and outraged by Slug Signorino's Straight Dope cartoon in the November 26 Reader. To allow such a demeaning image of African men to appear in print is racially insensitive at best and racially inflammatory at worst. The KKK would be proud of you.

The legacy of the slave trade depicted in the drawing is still with us today. This past July, I lost my friend to urban violence--Mark Ayers lived and was shot to death in the Robert Taylor concentration resettlement. He was only 23. He left three children and one stepchild fatherless.

You and those of your readers who find the depiction amusing should be required to face Mark's family and explain the humor to them. Better yet, maybe you could arrange a meeting with one of the Taylor gangs, on their turf of course, and explain what's so funny to them. They deserve an explanation.

You deserve the consequences of printing such racist imagery.

David Klein
N. Clarendon

Slug Signorino replies:

David, you didn't mention my cartoons that caused Columbus to discover America, the Berlin Wall to fall, and the Gold Rush of '49 to happen.

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