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Hours: Monday-Saturday 6 AM-6 PM
Closed Sunday

Price: $

Roseland doughnut shop that gives Dat Donut a run for its money.

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This Roseland shop gives the magical Dat Donut a run for its dough, with artisanal classics sold in a less fortresslike atmosphere more amenable to the appreciation of fine fried cake. Here the bulletproof barriers are almost an afterthought—you can reach over and shake hands with the baker, who will alert you to a new batch of fresh, shiny glazeds about to be unspooled in the display case. The blueberry is riddled with bright constellations of something that tastes suspiciously of real fruit. The doughnuts also come in pineapple and caramel frosted, buttermilk and honey wheat, coconut and toasted coconut, but the crown jewel is the apple fritter—not a doughnut, per se, but a six-inch discus of crispy, chewy, soft, sweet, spicy, fruity synergy. These dunkers, lovingly hand-cut in the window and "Fried in Pure Vegetable Oil," as the sign says, eclipse a perfunctory protein menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, Polishes, and fried fish.

Mike Sula

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