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On Dead Planet Hollow Earth travel deeper into the cold reaches of space



Detroit quintet Hollow Earth started their half-life as a metal-inflected hardcore band—or perhaps it was a hardcore-inflected metal band—and with each release they’ve grown in complexity and stretched out farther and farther into the cold reaches of space. They really started to take on interstellar dimensions around the time of 2012’s We Are Not Humanity, but on last fall’s Dead Planet (Good Fight), guitarist-songwriter Mike Moynihan and vocalist Steve Muczynski craft an especially rich and pummelling apocalypse with the twin-guitar power of Sean Reed and the nimble, deep-rooted midtempo rhythms of drummer Mike Walsh and bassist Dennis Tuohey. Featuring a guest appearance by Tad Doyle (Tad, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth), “Reflections in Refracted Light” sounds like a dissonant eulogy for an extinction, while the shrill, shivering guitar tones on “The Harbinger of Existence” lay out a psychedelic sort of star map, blinking and twinkling while the spaceship falls apart. This is an album that rewards multiple listenings, and Hollow Earth is a band that should not be missed on tour.   v

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