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On the Nose

An agreeable cast buoys this 2001 comedy set at the Dublin College of Medicine. The starchy president (Dan Aykroyd) makes a nice chunk of change betting on the ponies with tips from a porter in the specimen archive (Robbie Coltrane); unbeknownst to the boss, Coltrane gets his information from the head of an aborigine that's been floating in a jar of alcohol since the late 1800s. Trouble looms when some local hoods try to muscle in on the porter's winning streak and an Australian emissary shows up at the college to reclaim the head, which belonged to an anticolonial hero. If this sounds funny, as opposed to just plain weird, you?ll probably get a kick out of it; I was content just to see Aykroyd do his upper-crust asshole routine. David Caffrey directed; with Brenda Blethyn. 104 min.

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