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On the Road With Judas

J.J. Lask adapts his own 2001 novel about two young thieves who drive around New England in the early 90s, ripping off Macs from college administration buildings. To this threadbare story he's added a thick layer of metamovie jive, as the host of a TV talk show (Lask) interviews novelist J.J. Lask (Kevin Corrigan), real-life people on whom his book was based (played by Aaron Ruell and Eleanor Hutchins), and the actors portraying them in a new screen adaptation (played by Eddie Kaye Thomas and Amanda Loncar). The plot is weirdly specific—the college campuses are all identified in on- screen titles, to no apparent purpose—yet the characters are so undernourished that the real-life versions seem as artificial as the actors playing them. That may be the idea, but I doubt it. With Leo Fitzpatrick. 102 min.

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