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One Angry Hostage


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To the editors:

Regarding your comments on the "Arms for No-Hostages" scandal which is at long last coming to light [Hot Type, April 26], a word to those doubters and Reagan fawners and apologists who will seek to avoid any symptoms of cognitive dissonance. A natural comment might arise, "If the story is true, then why haven't any ex-hostages raised hell--they're the ones who were exploited!"

Well, at least one of them has. The newsletter "Unclassified" published by the watchdog group of ex-CIA personnel, the Association of National Security Alumni, reveals that a lawsuit is currently proceeding, brought by former hostage USAF retired Colonel Chuck Scott, against those who were allegedly in charge of this reprehensible business. The same publication also tells of the government offer to withdraw perjury charges against Richard Brenneke if he were to recant his accusations against George Bush and William Casey. He refused and the jury acquitted him of all charges without one dissenting vote.

Bill Sheldon


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