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One Last Thing

A terminally ill teen (Michael Angarano) pulls a fast one on a dying-wish foundation, declaring on TV that he wishes to spend a weekend alone with a coveted supermodel (Sunny Mabrey). At its best this 2005 feature wickedly satirizes the politics of pity—how healthy people buy off the dying with gifts and imminent death becomes a kind of stardom. But the sap begins to flow as screenwriter Barry Stringfellow grants flashbacks to the vacuous model (whose own true love died on her) and the horny teen (whose father, played by an uncredited Ethan Hawke, likewise kicked the bucket). A squishy soft-pop score further sullies the daring comedy. Alex Steyermark (Prey for Rock and Roll) directed; with Cynthia Nixon and Gina Gershon. R, 93 min.

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