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Nearly 60 plays in 3,600 seconds (give or take)

Victory Gardens Biograph Theater hosts the third annual One Minute Play Festival.


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At the third annual One-Minute Play Festival, a large and diverse group tells stories in the time it takes to sit at a red light. The concept allows for a lot: this two-day fest sports one curator (Dominic D'Andrea), ten directors, and productions by more than 50 playwrights. And some serious pedigree: Neo-Futurists art director Bilal Dardai; Laura Jacqmin, the author of the comedy Dental Society Midwestern Meeting; New Dramatists resident Carlos Murillo; Hell in a Handbag Productions impresario David Cerda; horror writer Scott Barsotti; Usman Ally, slated to appear later this month in Mary Zimmerman's adaptation of The Jungle Book; Philip Dawkins, a Jeff nominee for his play The Homosexuals; Seth Bockley, playwright in residence at the Goodman (who directed Dawkins's play Failure: A Love Story); and another Goodman fellow, Tanya Saracho, author of El Nogalar and Our Lady of the Underpass. Oh, and about 50 more.

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