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Hours: Dinner: Sunday, Tuesday-Saturday
Open late: Sunday, Tuesday-Saturday till 11

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New Taylor Street restaurant serving international small plates.

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One. Six One touts its "global cuisine," but a quick glance at the menu suggests they may be taking the concept a bit far. Fusion, sure, but fish tacos, arancini, ceviche, and hummus? Still, the samosas were excellent, and the salsa that accompanied the freshly fried chips had a nice flavor even if it was too thin for optimum scoopability (and I would have identified the "avocado mousse" that came with it as guacamole if I hadn't known better). Bread didn't arrive until after the appetizers--the server was a little distracted, though very friendly--but the herb butter that came with it was one of the highlights of the meal. Another was the crisp, slightly spicy fried crawfish (it looked like popcorn shrimp) that was part of the "crab and crawfish" entree; the lemony crab cakes were also respectable. "Pasta and rice," though--ricotta-filled agnolotti and mozzarella-stuffed arancini--was a strange-sounding combination that turned out not to make any sense in reality, either. Small portions seem to be the rule here, but we finished with an exception: a rich chocolate pot de creme with a salted coffee-toffee sauce that filled a medium-size mug. There's a patio next to the building that affords a view of grassy lots, which is surprisingly pastoral if you can ignore the passing cars and pedestrians.

Julia Thiel

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