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One Tough Cop

Inspired by a novel by former NYPD officer Bo Dietl, this story about a cop whose best friend from childhood is a mobster has the leisurely yet feverish pace of a TV drama: we?d get to know the characters better in forthcoming episodes, but the plot must reach a climax and resolution in this one. The cop (Stephen Baldwin)—who catches arguably worse criminals with the help of the mobster (Mike McGlone)—is self-righteous about the conflict of interest when FBI agents try to persuade him to gather evidence against his friend. The men?s mutual loyalty is further complicated by the cop?s romantic interest in the mobster?s girlfriend (Gina Gershon), but these characters are too cartoonish to demonstrate their complex ethics persuasively. Bruno Barreto directed a screenplay by Jeremy Iacone; with Chris Penn.

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