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Only the Brave

97 minutes 2006

Writer-director Lane Nishikawa dramatizes the events of October 30, 1944, when a U.S. battalion of Japanese-American soldiers rescued 211 Texas National Guardsmen who'd spent a week pinned down by German forces in the mountains near Bruyeres, France. Essentially a protracted battle scene with interspersed flashbacks and flash-forwards, this 2005 feature mostly sticks to the perspective of a fictional sergeant (Nishikawa), with occasional shifts to record the demise of other soldiers. Nishikawa alludes only briefly to the racism that enforced segregated units, focusing instead on the soldiers' unflagging courage in driving back the enemy and the awful human toll of the engagement. With Jason Scott Lee, Mark Dacascos, and Yuji Okumoto.


Only the Brave

Only the Brave

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