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When: Tue., July 15, 8 p.m. 2014

This show has been moved to Schubas from Lincoln Hall. OOIOO is often considered a Boredoms side project, but over the past 17 years this exquisite band has been the more active of the two. Led by Boredoms drummer Yoshimi, OOIOO has transformed itself from album to album, putting its idiosyncratic spin on Afrobeat, psychedelia, trance, Krautrock, and more. When Yoshimi tackles these styles, it’s not to imitate them or even master them—the prism of her aesthetic utterly transforms them, exploding them into fractured yet hypnotic arrangements of tone and rhythm that she presents with a deceptively childlike simplicity. On OOIOO’s seventh full-length, the new Gamel (Thrill Jockey), the group applies that ethos to its experiments with gamelan, the traditional metallophone orchestra of Indonesia. Gamelan musicians Tomoyuki Hamamoto and Koheysai Kawamura, new additions to the lineup, play their instruments conventionally but depart from conventional patterns and tempos, emphasizing chattering rhythms that interleave with the terse, jagged grooves the rest of the band pumps out using guitars, drum machines, and kit drums (and often augments with wordless singing or chanting). The resonant glow of the gamelan seethes and slithers, and despite the breathless rigor of the layered beats and colors, the music feels spontaneous and improvised—elements drop out, mutate, or suddenly change direction. Through it all, the stately metallophones remain a constant, like a compass that guides the songs through their most counterintuitive shifts and eruptions. This is OOIOO’s first Chicago show in seven years. —Peter Margasak

Price: $18, $15 in advance

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