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When: Mon., Oct. 27, 9 p.m. 2014

Last October Thrill Jockey released Retrash, the thrashy debut album from local metal trio Oozing Wound, and one year later almost to the day, it’s delivering the band’s sophomore LP, Earth Suck. This time the members of Oozing Wound seem to be moving away from the Big Four vibe of their first record and heading for the weird, dirgey, off-kilter sounds of their past projects. Though drummer Kyle Reynolds (formerly of Cacaw and Bad Drugs) occasionally tries on a double-time frenzy a la Dave Lombardo and even toys with a black-metal blastbeat on “Genuine Creeper,” Earth Suck consists mostly of sludgy, ultra-repetitive riffs that bludgeon you over the head to the point of insanity. Over the past 12 months Oozing Wound have grown as players too: Reynolds is sharper and more powerful than ever, pulling massive, rolling fills out of a simple four-piece kit, and front man Zack Weil even throws out a few guitar solos, something he’s never really done in this band. Whether they’re shredding at light speed or pummeling behind the beat, on Earth Suck Oozing Wound prove they’re the real deal—a downright frightening and explosive heavy-metal menace. This show is a release party and tour kickoff. —Luca Cimarusti