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Operation Filmmaker

The final intertitle of Nina Davenport's 2007 documentary—“I had hoped for a happy ending . . . now I'm just looking for an exit strategy”—aptly suggests the parallel between the endless string of misjudgments that created the so-called Iraqi war and the ones that created this film about it. Spotting on MTV a 25-year-old Iraqi film student, Muthana Mohmed, whose school in Baghdad had been leveled by American bombs, Hollywood actor Liv Schreiber got the lousy idea of hiring him as a gofer on his lousy first feature as a director, Everything Is Illuminated, which was shot in Prague. Assigned to film Mohmed's experiences, Davenport (who also had a crew filming his friends and family back home) soon found herself stuck with someone she didn't like whose need to live his own life was incompatible with hers to finish her film. Nobody comes off well in this tragicomedy, about mutual exploitation by people who don't know what they're doing. But the eventual rude awakenings, among them Davenport's, are thoughtful and enlightening—well worth the wait. 95 min.

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