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Those of us who love rock 'n' roll on the usual blindered, tautological level (because it is rock 'n' roll)--and can never really "get" jazz, or classical, or whatever simply because the idiom seems alien--can take heart in the Ordinaires, a nine-piece group from New York's Lower East Side. This unholy aggregation--two guitars, two violins, two saxes, two basses (well, OK, a bass and a cello) and drums--traffics in a groovy blend of post-Contortions avant-whatever and neo-Bartokian movie pop even as they (remember those guitars) rock out. All of this is great fun in a club--particularly when they cover "Kashmir"--and about the same on record, notably their newest, One, which mixes post-Beefheartian thrust with Ur-Debussyan parries and, yes, rocks out, particularly when they cover "Kashmir." Tonight, Lounge Ax, 2438 N. Lincoln; 525-6620.

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