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Organized Crime & Triad Bureau


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At the center of this high-tech policier is a stoic detective (Danny Lee from John Woo's The Killer) obsessed with hunting down his quarry, a gang leader susceptible to bouts of kindness (Anthony Wong). But the plot--with its obvious references to The Fugitive--hardly matters. Director Kirk Wong seems much more preoccupied with conveying the nihilistic paranoia that permeates both the world of law and the crime world. Every bloody break-in is counterpointed by a rash of police brutality; street-gang extortionists are equated with cops attempting to extract confessions. Director Wong, a veteran whose previous Hong Kong action outings include the over-the-top Gunmen (1989) and the sleek Jackie Chan vehicle Crime Story (1993), supposedly based some of the vignettes on police conversations overheard in a coffee shop. The frequent use of hand-held camera heightens the film's in-your-face realism. Wong, who was trained in England and once worked as a fashion photographer, may not be the lyric poet that Woo is, but in his mastery of moody iconography he's certainly Ridley Scott's equal. With Cecilia Yip as the moll. Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson; Saturday, April 1, 4:00, and Sunday, April 2, 6:00, 443-3733.

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