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Anthony Quinn is subtly magnificent as Giuseppe, grudgingly celebrating his 93rd birthday in Curitiba, Brazil, where three generations of his family have run a pasta factory his grandson is determined to sell. A young woman named Sofia (Leticia Spiller), claiming to be a distant cousin doing research on Italian immigration, easily ingratiates herself with the family and listens to Giuseppe's grandson tell stories about the past. Soon Giuseppe becomes convinced she's the reincarnation of his wife, whom he still misses bitterly more than half a century after her death. But Sofia's mysterious motives and identity aren't allowed to overwhelm the plot of this ethereal yet worldly 1999 drama, and her relationship to the dead woman stays wonderfully complex. Spiller and Quinn inhabit the fascinating, almost ageless characters fully, creating an intriguing, plausible sense of connection between them even though they occupy few of the same scenes. Directed by Ricardo Bravo; with Paulo Betti and music by Arrigo Barnabe.

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