Osmosis Jones

This cathartically disgusting adventure movie is set both inside the human body (the animated sequences were directed by Piet Kroon and Tom Sito) and out (the live-action sequences were directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly). To Frank (Bill Murray), exercise means lifting food to his face, and food is broadly defined. After a spectacularly repugnant incident involving a hard-boiled egg, a deadly virus wages war with his immune system, and the personified combatants include a white blood cell and a cold pill with the voices of Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce. The situations and dialogue are a dizzying concoction of puns and mixed metaphors that aren't just dubiously related to cell biology: it's at once a hygiene film (I couldn't stop washing my hands afterward) and a hygiene-film parody. It's also an action- and mucus-packed thriller and a tear- and vomit-jerking comedy-drama—the theme of the framing story is whether Frank's daughter can persuade him to adopt a healthier lifestyle before it's too late. Written by Marc Hyman; with Elena Franklin and the voice of Laurence Fishburne. 95 min.

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