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To the editors:

I think your capsule description of James Sherman's new play [The Escape Artist, Reader's Guide to Theater May 27] is "completely awful"! First of all what is the point of your anonymous reviewer describing Sherman's previous play, The God of Isaac, as awful but successful. Is it just to demonstrate that Sherman is a no talent that is only getting this play produced because of the money his previous work made. Second The God of Isaac was a greatly, entertaining play that struck chords in all who flocked to see it. Lastly Chicago audiences are too intelligent to make a completely awful play, very successful.

Steven Weiss

W. Fargo

Anthony Adler replies:

The Reader's Guide to Theater listings are not anonymous. They're written by me, as is noted--every week--at the top of the guide. I think it's a crime that a play as bad--and insulting to women--as The God of Isaac got to be a hit, and I take every opportunity to say so.

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