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A businessman with a hangdog face (Alain Delon) drinks too much beer on a train. "What will happen to him?" he asks aloud, then answers: "Absolutely nothing." An affectless woman (Nathalie Baye) appears and tells him, "The story begins on a train." A sexual encounter between them leaves him smitten. Begging her to use him "as a minor character," he follows her home to the suburbs and installs himself in her easy chair to wallow in his infatuation and drink more beer, sometimes joining her friends and bathrobe-clad neighbors in parading from house to house. Bertrand Blier begins this enchanting 1984 burlesque of bourgeois marital manners in the self-reflexive spirit of Alain Robbe-Grillet, morphs it into a droll Bunuelian farce, then ends it on a surprisingly sentimental note. With Genevieve Fontanel. In French with subtitles. 110 minutes. Facets Cinematheque.

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