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Outrageous Fortune

Outrageous fabrication is more the size of it, with Bette Midler and Shelley Long as competing actresses whose overlapping romantic tastes (they've both flipped for the same elusive guy) plunge them into a world of cross-country chases and arbitrary action plotting (1987). There's more regressive coyness in this buddy adventure-comedy than anyone should have to sit through in a lifetime, though given prevailing tastes in gender nonenlightenment it's probably the best we could expect. Both Midler and Long embrace their dreary stereotypes without the slightest protest: they're lovable ditzes with an unfailing attraction to triviality in precarious circumstance (bullets rain over the landscape, but all they worry about is their makeup), though of course, sweet sentimentalists that they are, they value each other's grating company more than the suitcases of cash that come flying their way (Midler disposes of one to save Long's life: her macho equivalent would have held out for the money and the girl). Director Arthur Hiller (Love Story, Silver Streak) just puts his apolitical head down and digs into the mess without worrying about style or sense (an Indian cavalry ride to the rescue at the end: maybe they should've helped with the editing, too). With Peter Coyote, Robert Prosky, George Carlin, and John Schuck.

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