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Pale Eyes

In the first half of Jerome Bonnell's accomplished if uneven drama Fanny, a mentally unbalanced Frenchwoman in her 30s (Nathalie Boutefeu, in a sublimely detailed performance), lives in a room in her married brother's house, playing classical music to quiet the voices inside her head. In the much calmer second half of the film she flees in her brother's car after discovering that her sister-in-law's having an affair, driving to Germany to search for her long-dead father's grave and eventually finding solace with a man she meets there (Lars Rudolph, in a nicely understated performance). Bonnell doggedly tracks Fanny's meanderings in numerous long shots, depicting her as both a naive child trapped in a woman's body and as an adult who can't quite exit childhood. In French with subtitles. 87 min.


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