Paleteria Flamingo | Other South | Mexican/Southwestern, Ice Cream | Restaurant

Paleteria Flamingo

Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days

Price: $

Paleteria offering exotically flavored yogurts, ices, and ice creams.

Restaurant Details

Flamingo’s lays out a colorful spread of made-in-house, off-the-mainstream flavors of yogurts, ices, and "ice creams" that use relatively fatty whole milk less like cream and more like half-and-half. For about $2, you get a cup/cone of any two; we tried devil chamoy (a peachlike fruit with salty heat), tejocote (nutty Mexican hawthorne), agave (tart tequila plant), and mamey (sweet melon). Fresh fruit is used for all frozen confections, juices, and shakes, and there’s a big freezer case of paletas, if you like your dessert ice cold.

David Hammond

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Price: $

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