Pasieka Bakery | Avondale | Polish/Russian/Eastern European | Restaurant

Pasieka Bakery

Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner: seven days

Price: $

Polish bakery full of classic treats.

Restaurant Details

This classic bakery is full of luscious treats: tall babka with poppy seeds, kolacky filled with sweet cheese and raisins, fresh plum tart, and apple squares. Kremowka, squares of pastry layered with vanilla custard and whipped cream, sit next to karpatka, a torte of chocolate and yellow cake with thick buttercream and pineapple pieces and topped with a wavy egg dough that peaks and drops in a sporadic pattern. There are also crescent-shaped tea cookies oozing with apricot, prune, or poppy seed filling.

Laura Levy Shatkin

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