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Pentagram, Nachtmystium, Atlas Moth, Earthen Grave Recommended Soundboard Critics' Picks

When: Sat., June 27, 10 p.m. 2009

The doom-metal trend only seems to be a relatively recent phenomenon because there are so few living links to that mystical, heroic age when dinosaurs shook the earth and clashed with barbarians in leather loincloths who practiced strange and savage rites. Bobby Liebling, singer and sole constant member of the legendary Pentagram (the band has a list of alumni that does Spinal Tap one better—it goes way past 11), has been banging his head for so long that his skull probably differs in some respects from those of modern humans. Pentagram was founded in 1971, in the wake of Blue Cheer, and at first strove to outdo contemporaries like Sir Lord Baltimore and Uriah Heep; the band has lurched unpredictably through the decades with many hiatuses and breakups, and there’s no reason to think the current lineup (guitarist Russ Strahan, bassist Mark Ammen, and drummer Gary Isom) will necessarily last. But this year’s tour schedule should at least ensure that lots of fans will get a chance to glimpse this elusive beast. Pentagram’s most recent studio album is still 2004’s Show ’Em How, cut with a totally different band, though in 2008 Season of Mist re­issued 1999’s Review Your Choices and 2001’s Sub-basement, both recorded as a duo with Joe Hasselvander on all instruments. Liebling has had a record he’s calling Last Rites of the Setting Sun in the works for a couple years, but so far there’s no word on a release date. Nachmystium, Atlas Moth, and Earthen Grave open. —Monica Kendrick

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