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Pentagram, Valient Thorr, Jeff the Brotherhood, Beak, Bongripper Member Picks 17+ Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: Thu., Aug. 18, 7 p.m. 2011

Addiction can be a real crapshoot. You have your Amy Winehouses and Kurt Cobains, who sadly didn't survive, and then you have Bobby Liebling, front man, songwriter, and only constant member of Pentagram. Resembling a leathery strip of beef jerky with terrifying eyes and hair, Liebling has nearly died so many times it gives his harrowing proto-doom metal a special kind of credibility. (A documentary about his struggles, Last Days Here, screened at South by Southwest this past spring.) Now clean and sober, he has a real shot at a lasting career renaissance that might bring him at least some of the fame he could've had in the early 70s were it not for bad luck and for, well, being out of it even by early-70s metal standards. (Pentagram didn't actually manage to record and release an album until the mid-80s.) His case is helped a lot by Last Rites (Metal Blade), the band's first new studio album in seven years. Liebling claims he wrote hundreds of songs in the 70s and hasn't written a new one in 30 years—luckily, if he has hundreds more like these, he doesn't need to. Last Rites sounds like it was airlifted in from the pagan past (picture a bunch of tripping occultists in the eldritch haze of a graveyard in 1972) and tempered in the flame of the dozens of metal festivals the band has played lately—it's both otherworldly and sludgily, creepily concrete.—Monica Kendrick

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