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The People's Stage Karaoke, XTreme Bugs at Brookfield Zoo, and That Mitchell and Webb Look



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Sean Flannery, stand-up comedian in the weekly one-man show Never Been to Paris is slithering over to:

XTreme Bugs at Brookfield Zoo Although Lincoln Park Zoo is located right on the lake, and just about the best free zoo you'll ever attend, the fact of that matter is this: sometimes your kids just want to be blown away by the size of a full-grown alligator. The Brookfield Zoo is a bigger zoo, located near the city, and this month they start their Xtreme Bugs exhibit, complete with giant animatronic insects, spiderwebs you can climb, and even staged battles between larger-than-life insects. As the father of two boys, I spend most of my weekends answering what would happen if bees were as big as our house. It's as if this exhibit was crafted from the wishes of my sons, who which, by the way, are the nightmares of females over the age of four. Think of it as a thinking man's monster truck rally. Or don't think—just scream "Yes!!!" and start pretending to sting everything around you. That's what my boys do.

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