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Personal Assistant


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In her one-woman show, Celisa Grayer portrays both a personal assistant and the many people this lackey/life organizer meets. Adeptly transforming herself using minimal props and maximum changes in vocal style and body language, Grayer locates the piece in status-conscious, fame-hungry Los Angeles. All the characters are interesting, but she best inhabits three prospective employers: a racist mom, a hip-hop gangsta artist, and a party-hearty It Girl. The storytelling might improve, however, if Grayer allotted more stage time to the personal assistant, giving the piece a stronger narrative shape and climax. And at 40 minutes, it could afford to be longer. The jokes could be better delivered too, but that may come once Grayer settles into this venue. Through 11/3: Thu 8 PM. Town Hall Pub, 3340 N. Halsted, 773-472-4405 $5.

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