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[Re: "Cat Fight," August 27]

To whom it may concern:

Between all of the he said/she said, it's hard to dig out from underneath all of the good intentions, not to mention the needless references to race and society. However, a clearer perspective from someone in the animal care community (such as the Anti-Cruelty Society, briefly mentioned but only as a lawyer referral) would've better served this article. Isn't it inevitably more humane not only to neuter one's cat but also to keep it indoors? Melvin mentioned "neighborhood cats" fighting underneath her windowsill, but it's unclear whether she refers to strays or cats with owners. One neighbor mentioned having to have his cat treated by a vet for scratches and infections. So my question is: Why are these cats outside?! Aren't many feline diseases communicable? (Feline leukemia can even be transmitted through a window screen.) Taking a pet into one's home is a privilege, not a right, and you--not your neighbors--are responsible for the animal's care. This story should have nothing to do with race or being a good neighbor--it's about being a responsible pet owner.

Sharon McBride


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