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Peter Evans, Sam Pluta, Ben LaMar Gay, and Katherine Young Recommended 18+ Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard Image

When: Wed., Nov. 2, 8:30 p.m. 2016

Trumpeter Peter Evans established himself internationally a decade ago with a solo improv album called More Is More (Psi). As the title suggests, it was an exercise in sonic maximalism, a mind-blowing feat of intense extended techniques that seemed to contain every one of the instrument’s adventurous developments over the last century. In the years since Evans has reinforced his freakish talent in plenty of ad hoc improvisational settings as well as playing contemporary classical music with International Contemporary Ensemble and leading several tune-based bands. Still, his ferocious new Lifeblood (More Is More)—his first solo album in five years—suggests that he’s at his most arresting when alone. Over the course of 110 relentless minutes he demonstrates how he’s tamed his technique in the service of spontaneously constructed pieces that seethe with quicksilver riffs, gestures, and melodies, telling one high-velocity story after another. I’m certain that listening to this collection will prove more draining for most than it was for the trumpeter to play it. On his first Chicago visit since early 2014, Evans is touring with frequent collaborator Sam Pluta, a recently transplanted New Yorker teaching at University of Chicago. On their 2014 album Event Horizon (Carrier) Pluta uses his computer both to process the horn lines of Evans in real time—creating a zero-latency hall of refracting mirrors—and to forge a lightning-quick dialogue that makes parsing the elements a giddy exercise in futility. Chicago bassoonist Katherine Young and cornetist Ben LaMar Gay will join the fray. I’d be scared if I were you.

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