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Petty Crime


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February 10, 11:30 AM, 1200 block of N. Clark. Assault.

Man and woman got into argument in grocery store. Woman picked up onion and threw it at man, hitting him in the forehead. He fell to floor, got up, and notified store manager. No arrest was made. Man sought medical treatment at veteran's hospital the next day.

February 26, 1:08 PM, 5000 block of S. Archer. Robbery. Teenager walked into McDonald's, approached two other teenagers, pulled handgun out of book bag, and asked for money. One victim handed over 40 cents, the other a dollar. As robber was walking away, one victim said to the other, "I'll have to walk home now. That was my bus fare." Robber heard comment, threw back 90 cents for the bus, and fled.

February 27, 8:15 PM, 3800 block of N. Broadway. Possession of explosives. Police responded to call of assault at apartment. They arrived to find front door open, man lying on his bed, and quarter stick of dynamite on his dresser. Man said he had purchased the dynamite in anticipation of the Fourth of July. He was arrested.

March 9, 2:45 AM, 1400 block of W. Fullerton. Theft.

Four men in car at Burger King drive-thru became irritated about length of wait. They exited car and removed two banners that were hanging on fence in parking lot. They put banners in trunk and drove away without their food.

--Neal Pollack

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