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Petty Crime


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September 1, 4:15 AM, 3900 block of North Broadway. Battery. Man walked into gas-station convenience store and asked for pack of cigarettes. Without warning, man jumped over counter, pounced on clerk, and bit him several times. Man fled but was later caught by police. Suspect and victim were taken to hospital, treated for minor cuts, and released.

September 6, 12:10 AM, 7200 block of North Sheridan. Theft. Nursing-home employee stole various kitchen utensils and hid them above ceiling tiles in basement. He told coworker he was storing utensils until winter, when he could take them away unnoticed under heavy coat. Nine days later coworker removed utensils from hiding place and reported crime to supervisor. Police were called and arrested offender.

September 7, 6:30 PM, 1800 block of West Chase. Noncriminal damage to property. Man came home from work to find gate in gangway between houses knocked down. His neighbor emerged and claimed gatepost had been on his property. Argument ensued and police arrived. Men told police this was part of ongoing property dispute. Police advised men to pursue civil litigation.

September 17, 10 PM, 6900 block of North Ashland. Criminal damage to property. Carnival-game operator observed two men loitering in front of his game, Bulldozer. One man pushed the other against a glass pane, behind which were prizes and a box of quarters. Glass broke. Men fled without stealing anything. Game operator told police this happens often.

--Neal Pollack

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