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Petty Crime


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March 13, 11 AM, 3400 block of North Seminary. Burglary. Man broke into apartment. Victim came home and surprised him. Burglar fled, leaving behind bag full of items he'd intended to steal. He also forgot his jacket and two scarves.

March 26, 2 PM, 47th and Lake Shore Drive. Robbery. Man pushed rider off bicycle and started to pedal away. Rider threw sweater over tires. Bike stopped. Rider grabbed bike and robber fell off. Robber pulled glass bottle from pocket, threatened to stab rider, and threw sweater into lake. He rode away. Witness notified nearby police car. Robber was chased down and arrested.

April 1, 1 PM, 1000 block of West Irving Park. Filing a false police report. Man told police that he'd been robbed of $500 and gave them address of perpetrator. Suspect was arrested. He told police he had not robbed anyone but was being framed as result of botched drug deal. Police were convinced and instead arrested and charged first man.

April 9, 2 PM, 4000 block of North Kenmore. Robbery. Man attempting to enter his car was approached by another man carrying a tray containing small radio and alarm clock. He asked, "Hey, do you want to buy any stuff?" Man said no. Offender pulled out screwdriver and said, "Lose that attitude. All I want is some money." Man punched offender in face, grabbed screwdriver, and threw it into nearby construction site. Offender was arrested.

--Neal Pollack

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