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Petty Crime


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April 28, 12:30 PM, 1500 block of East 53rd. Assault. Man was stopped on street by boss from convenience mart, who accused him of stealing store's candy to sell after business hours. Employee denied accusation. Boss, who moonlights as security guard, was in uniform. He put gun to employee's ribs, searched him, found candy, and drove away.

April 30, 11 AM, 1400 block of West Pratt. Criminal trespass. Landlord showing prospective tenant around apartment building discovered six teenagers smoking pot in storage locker. Seventh teen jumped out of refrigerator he'd been hiding in, and all fled.

May 5, 5 PM, 7500 block of North Wolcott. Theft. Man entered backyard and took dog. Owner ran from house screaming and waving steel pipe. Police arrived. Offender claimed dog was his and had been missing for several months. Victim produced ownership papers. Police told offender to call dog. Dog didn't respond. Police returned dog to victim.

May 17, 1 PM, 6600 block of North Bosworth. Criminal damage to property. Two high school students who hadn't been getting along were called into discipline office, where they immediately began fighting. When police arrived, students had destroyed two bulletin boards and damaged counselor's desk. Both students were arrested.

--Neal Pollack

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