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Petty Crime


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Friday, December 14, 200 block of South Columbus, 2 PM. Assault. 21-year-old female Art Institute student exiting rest room was confronted by unidentified janitor, who grabbed victim by the arms and shouted, "Get the hell out of here. You are ignorant people. You guys are ignorant people!" Student fled and reported incident to security, but janitor remains at large.

Wednesday, January 2, 3400 block of South King, 11:15 AM. Retail theft. Drugstore manager saw male offender stash 19 containers of Secret deodorant inside his shirt and exit without paying. Offender was accosted outside the store, where he slipped on the pavement, bumping his head.

Friday, January 4, 1100 block of South State, 11 AM. Battery. 13-year-old male riding Red Line train launched a bag of potato chips at 49-year-old female passenger, striking her in the eye. Victim refused medical attention, but offender was fingerprinted by police and handed over to juvenile officers.

Saturday, January 5, 100 block of West Polk, 11:15 AM. Postal scare. 31-year-old woman discovered suspicious powdery substance near an envelope while seated at a desk in home. Hazmat team identified powder as cookie crumbs on the scene.

Friday, January 18, 2100 block of West Adams, 10:15 AM. Battery, attempted robbery. On his way to school, 13-year-old music student was jumped from behind by unidentified teenage male. Offender punched victim in the eye, grabbed his saxophone, and fled. Victim gave chase, knocked offender to the ground, recovered horn, and ran for it. Offender attempted pursuit but couldn't catch victim before he made it to school.

Monday, January 21, 400 block of West Saint James, 2:15 PM. Disorderly conduct. Two men argued in building laundry room over a parking space. First man pointed at the other, shouting, "I'm Italian, and I can have you taken care of!" Second man replied, "You may be big, but there are other ways of taking care of you." Both men reported incident to police. Both declined to sign complaint.

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