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Phair Enough


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I can only say I have mixed feelings about any CD that [Liz] Phair has released ["Just Like All the Rest," June 27]. All of them, including the much heralded Exile, were average musical releases at best. Phair is the ultimate musical tease, an artist who creates an atmosphere of intrigue but fails to deliver the promise of an earth-shattering musical statement. Exile in Guyville at least had the advantage of sounding as raw as her talent was...there was not a lot of production to cushion the impact of the stark, untuneful singing and the basement ambience of the music. Each CD since has been more polished, focused, and as a result, less credible and interesting. Her new CD has only one thing going for it...the fact that since Matrix and the songwriters/producers of the teenybopper crap that Phair is leaning on are all a bunch of people in their 30s and 40s, at least Phair, the singer, is actually in their ballpark. That makes pop credible...doesn't it? Furthermore, if Phair was a man...would we be having this discussion? Who cares?

Jim MacAyeal


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