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Phone Booth

Rated R 81 minutes

Shelved for six months after a string of sniper killings in Virginia and D.C., this nifty 2002 nail-biter about a two-bit publicist (Colin Farrell) held hostage in a midtown Manhattan phone booth by a rifleman on the other end of the line (Kiefer Sutherland, having the time of his life) proves that a movie can be true to life and still seem utterly preposterous. By the final reel the sniper has become God Almighty, forcing Farrell to confess his petty sins to the assembled crowd of police, rubberneckers, and TV reporters. Director Joel Schumacher and writer Larry Cohen (the veteran schlockmeister behind It's Alive!) fully exploit the terror of being targeted by an invisible predator, and I'm not about to begrudge them their fun—it's hardly their fault that modern America has become a crappy movie.

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