Pig Champion, Call of the Void, Internal Empires, Taken by the Sun, Darvaza Recommended Soundboard Image

When: Fri., Sept. 27, 8 p.m. 2013

Ever watch a powerviolence or crust band and wonder how much actual enjoyment the drummer gets out of plowing through what seems like nothing but furious blastbeat after furious blastbeat, pulverizing his wrists to dust and sweating out of his eyeballs in the name of evil, while his bandmates at the front of the stage soak up all the crowd’s appreciation? I have, a lot. That’s why Call of the Void drummer Gordon Koch has it made, at least as far as anybody can in a marginal subgenre of heavy music. The Denver band’s ripping debut full-length, Dragged Down a Dead End Path (Relapse), transitions from crunchy-and-muddled crust punk to riff-laden metalcore to breakdown-choked hardcore to devastating powerviolence, often in the span of a two-minute track (“Bottom Feeder” is a fine example). The album reminds me of contemporaries such as Trap Them and Iron Lung, and Koch gets to thrash all over his kit and try out different shades of angry. I mean, what do you think tracks called “Napalm Lungs” or “I Hope You Two Fuck” sound like? —Kevin Warwick Pig Champion headlines; Call of the Void, Internal Empires, Taken by the Sun, and Darvaza open.

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