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Pigment Lament


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I would like to know the skin color of Erin E. Hogan. The art history journalist who recently described her experiences being "Jerked Around" by a "white man" [October 27].

Since Hogan feels it necessary to identify the skin color of this perpetrator, as her reader I feel cheated. Why isn't her skin color identified? Likewise the pigments of her supporting cast: Betsy, Anne, Officer K., the judge, Margaret, the substitute lawyer, the well-dressed state's attorney, the defendant's lawyer, the sheriff's deputies, the Chicago police officer, various representatives of Peoples Gas, and "Tuff Guy Bob."

I would guess a PhD candidate from the University of Chicago, who is a teacher's assistant in African art, might be more p.c. . . . but who am I to judge?

Dan Coha

a white guy

W. Hubbard

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