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When: Mon., March 25, 8 p.m. 2013

Boston posthardcore band Pile has a way of making sloppy misery sound great. The band's overlooked third album, October's Dripping (Exploding in Sound), feels like a deleted scene from Fight Club—maybe a couple of inebriated regulars clumsily brawling outside a neighborhood dive at two in the morning—in part because the group can sound artful and controlled even when charging into messy climaxes. The guys in Pile are clearly well versed in 90s emo: their chimelike guitars often sound like an homage to Sunny Day Real Estate (specifically the pent-up aggro lick that gave its name to "J’Nuh"), and the lumbering, heaving pulse of "Sun Poisoning" and "Prom Song" is reminiscent of Pedro the Lion at their most morose. But instead of outright re-creating the aesthetics of its influences, Pile blends them with slacker-pop riffs so that its songs often sound like old emo dragged lovingly through the mud. —Leor Galil

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