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When: Sat., Nov. 17, 9 p.m. 2012

Things really came together for Pinback in 2004, six years into the San Diego band's life. On its third full-length, Summer in Abaddon, cofounders Rob Crow and Zach Smith perfected their intricately layered style: complex, bouncy guitar interlocks with loose-limbed bass in cyclical patterns; programmed percussion loops and live drumming combine to create minimal, bombastic boom-bap; and wistful keyboards float in and out behind airy, bittersweet vocal melodies. But Crow and Smith didn't just have a gorgeous sound; they had the songs to go with it. Summer in Abaddon sounds like a collection of foreordained classics—and it didn't hurt that it was released right around the time "indie rock" became mass marketable. Alas, Pinback mostly treaded water on the follow-up, 2007's Autumn of Seraphs, and since then the band has been quiet as Crow and Smith worked on other projects. The new Information Retrieved (Temporary Residence) is imperfect, but charmingly so—Crow and Smith take risks and play with their formula. Sometimes it even works: the string arrangement on "True North" is a novelty for the band, as is the laid-back, almost jazzlike drumming on "Diminished," and overall they crank up the mathy precision, giving the music an energetic kick that clashes interestingly with its forlorn melodies. Most important, Crow and Smith sound revitalized—Information Retrieved bubbles with enough life that I'm sure Pinback have another great album in them, even if this isn't it. —Leor Galil Solos open.

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