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Poison in the System


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As a psychiatric social worker, I applaud the objective coverage of schizophrenia by [Grant] Pick ["A Tale of Ordinary Madness," June 7]. However, I disagree with the angle that Stanley Wissner's focus on heavy metals was obsession and paranoia. The Pfeiffer Treatment Center in Naperville has an impressive track record of returning to high functioning over 70 percent of the schizophrenics they treat soon after their first psychotic break by using high doses of select nutrients based on their research of ten biochemical types. Several of these treatments are related to copper, zinc, and lead. Most are able to take lower doses of antipsychotics and avoid the potentially serious side effects that can occur with long-term use. For more, read Seven Weeks to Mental Health by Dr. Susan Larsen.

Anonymous due to paranoia of AMA & FDA to integrative medicine

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