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Police Academy: Insurgency Emergency The Short List (Theater) Closing (Theater and Galleries)

When: 2009

It takes a stroke of demented genius to plunk the bumbling cop cadets from the Police Academy movies into U.S.-occupied Baghdad. In New Millennium Theatre Company's stupid-smart new late-night show, Carey Mahoney and company teach the tricks of the law enforcement trade to their Iraqi counterparts, with predictably antic results. As political satire it's about as deep as a kiddie pool, but creators Adam Rosowicz and Matt Russell nail the incompetence and megalomania associated with both the Police Academy franchise and George W. Bush's invasion. Fans of the original series will appreciate the impersonations and the inclusion of some of the wackier moments from the films. (Blue Oyster Bar, anyone?) Otherwise, though, the show is a bit of a mess that--like the war it invokes--goes on just a tad too long. --Leon Hilton

Price: $15


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