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Thursday, September 16, 11:00 PM

Dispatcher: Units in 11 and citywide, 7-- N. Ridgeway, shots fired 7-- N. Ridgeway, shots fired. Male black, black suit--he's got the gun in his back pocket and he let three shots go. Anybody care to respond up there? Anybody at all? 7-- N. Ridgeway, 7-- N. Ridgeway.

1152: 1152, we're not too far. What's that description on Ridgeway?

Dispatcher: Male black with a black suit, he's got the gun. All right now, units in 11 and citywide, 36-- Troy, damage to the property in progress and a person with a gun. Anybody care to look at that?

Unidentified caller: What's the address on Roosevelt?

Dispatcher: Roosevelt? No, Ridgeway. And the second one's on Iowa, 36-- Iowa. Anybody want to go to 36-- Iowa? All right, on Iowa now, guys, it says the offender's in a black Delta 88, a black Delta 88. OK, anybody want to respond up there? Anybody at all?

Unidentified caller: Squad, what's that description on Iowa?

Dispatcher: Male black with a black suit.

Unidentified caller: That's the description on Ridgeway.

Dispatcher: They're probably twins.

Unidentified caller: Or he's real fast.

Dispatcher: Or it can stretch real far.

Thursday, September 16, 11:15 PM

Dispatcher: 44-Sam-10?

44-S-10: Can you raise 44-Sam-11?

Dispatcher: 44-Sam-11?

44-S-11: We're right by the bridge at Chicago and right around Kilbourn. We found the drugs, now we're just lookin' for the individual.

44-S-10: Could you use a canine?

44-S-11: There's too many guys back here in this lot, and I don't know how many guys are back there, and I don't want to send the dogs in and maybe one of these guys gets attacked on accident.

44-S-10: Never happens by accident.

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